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The Seed and the Soil!

Scripture reading for January 17th: Matthew 13:1-23, Psalm 12, Proverbs 3:19-20

Jesus loved to tell stories.  These stories are known as parables, because the stories have another story hidden inside of them for those who take the time to investigate.  Jesus taught in parables because He wanted to communicate deeper truth to those who were willing to listen but hide that truth from those who were unwilling or would mock at the truth.  He wanted all to be able to understand but knew that a humble and teachable heart was required.

The parable of the seed and soil is found in three of the Gospels.  Jesus explained this parable when his disciples asked Him about the meaning of the story.  (Mark 4:10-11)  Jesus told them that they were blessed to be able to see and hear what He taught them.  The seed was the message about the kingdom of heaven and the sower was Jesus and later His disciples.  The ground was the hearts of those who heard the message.  When someone heard the message and did not seek to understand it, that man was like seed sown by the path.  The birds, representing Satan, would come and snatch away the seed that was sown.  (Matthew 13:18-23)  Others would hear and respond, but last only a short time.  Their hearts had only shallow soil and no room for the message to take deeper root.  Still others would hear and respond, but allow the cares and worries of life to choke out the message.  They were like the weedy ground that choked the crop.  The last group of hearers mentioned received the seed into their hearts and understood the message.  They acted on it in faith and produced an abundant crop.

This famous parable has helped believers for many years.  It helps us personally to examine the state of our own hearts so we can ask God for help where we need it.  It helps us to understand how the state of a person’s heart affects their ability to hear and understand.  We need to pray for the hearts of those we share the Word with.  Only the Holy Spirit can draw a person to understand.  (John 6:44)  We can also have confidence that the Word (Seed) has power to bring growth and understanding in the right kind of hearts.  Praise the Lord for opening our hearts!  May we produce a bountiful crop by sowing the word!

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