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Sunday rest and reflection: seeking God.

Greetings! Today is another day of rest and reflection and a time to catch up if you have fallen behind.   There is to be no condemnation if you fall behind!  Sometimes things do happen and we have things that keep us from doing what we ought to do.  The “tyranny of the urgent” often intrudes in our schedules.  Sometimes it is the “drooping eyelids” of the weary that also slips up on us.  God is understanding and gracious.  We need not feel condemnation!

From the past week of reading, I want to reflect on the idea of  seeking the Lord.  Solomon built a temple for the Lord as a place where God’s people could come and seek the Lord.  At the dedication of the temple, Solomon’s prayer petitioned God to let His eyes be on the temple and asked that God’s ears would be attentive to the prayers of His people.  (2nd Chronicles 6:20-21)  God answered Solomon by appearing to him and answering his petitions.  God promised that His Name would always be there and that His eyes and heart would also be there.  (2nd Chronicles 7:15)  God also warned Solomon not to forsake seeking Him and turn away to other gods.  The consequences would not be good!

What factors are involved in seeking the Lord?  I believe that the first thing needed is faith.  Anyone who comes to God, must believe that He is.  Since God is Spirit, we can not see Him with our physical eyes.  So if we are seeking to contact God, we must approach Him as if He is really there and can hear and see us.  Solomon’s approach was this  kind of approach.  How did Solomon know that God was there?  God actually appeared to him after he had prayed and petitioned God.  As we approach God in faith, He reveals Himself to us.

We must also believe that God wants to reward us for seeking Him.  (Hebrews 11:6)  It wouldn’t do much good to seek out God if we did not feel that He would actually hear and understand what we needed.  Our God not only understands us, but has compassion on us and loves us.  He desires our highest good and wants to bless us.  We understand these truths by faith through believing God’s Word.  We must choose to believe because we hear the Word.  The Word of God has spiritual life and power in it to bring faith to the hearts of those who hear and believe, not just listen.

As the living stones of the new Temple of the Lord, we have direct access to the Lord at any time.  We have fellowship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  We can walk in the Spirit daily.  We can pray without ceasing.  We do not need to go to a designated place to seek the Lord.  God’s heart and eyes dwell within us and are always watching to show us support and answer prayer!  What a great God we’ve found!

It was said of Rehoboam that he did evil in the sight of the Lord because he failed to seek the Lord.  (2nd Chronicles 12:14)

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