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“Wash and be Cleansed”

Scripture reading for April 12th: 2nd Kings 4-8

When it comes to healing and other needed miracles, most people have a tendency to think in more complicated terms.  If you traveled a great distance to a specialist and then he didn’t even look at you or talk personally with you, you would probably be upset.  If the specialist told you something to do that was common and ordinary, you would also probably be skeptical.  This is what happened in the reading for today!

Naaman was a commander in the army of Aram (Syria).  He was an important man and a valiant soldier but e had a serious illness called leprosy.  People with this disease have their skin turn white and begin to come off.  They develop very painful sores and must live separated from others to keep from spreading the disease.  Naaman had a servant girl who was an Israelite who knew of Elisha the prophet and told Naaman’s wife about this possible cure.  Naaman set out for Israel with a letter from the king of Aram to the king of Israel requesting a cure.

The king of Israel was worried that this was an impossible thing and that Aram was picking a fight.  Leprosy was not something that was easily cured.  Elisha heard about the king’s dilemma and encouraged him to send Naaman to him.  When Naaman arrived at the prophet’s residence, Elisha sent word to Naaman, “Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed.” (2nd Kings 5:10)

Naaman was furious because his expectations were not met.  He had envisioned the healing taking place a certain way and this was so easy.  Pride shows itself as anger often and this great man had some.  His servants urged Naaman to listen and obey, however, and Naaman did go and wash as the prophet said and was immediately cleansed!  Naaman returned to the prophet and tried to pay him but no pay was accepted!  (2nd Kings 5:16) The healing was a gift from the Lord demonstrating that the Lord is God!

God loves to confound the proud and cannot be put in a box.  Think about  this simple example requiring faith and ask God for that kind of obedience to the instructions you already have.  If you have a difficult problem or need healing, be open to the simple solutions God sends your way.

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