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Smooth transitions!

Scripture reading for April 21st: 1st Chronicles 22-27

I have attended and worked in different church families and one of the things that was often done poorly was the transition of leadership.  When the pastor resigned, no planning had been done by the core leadership of the church and a confusion resulted.  The ensuing power struggles sometimes divided the church.  The new leader was sometimes so different that many left the church.   Skillful leadership seeks an orderly transition that will continue the work of God through that church family.

David was old and “full of years”. (1st Chronicles 23:1)  Under God’s direction, he made Solomon king over Israel.    David’s son Adonijah had tried to make himself king but Bathsheba and the prophet Nathan worked together to redirect the situation according to the will of the Lord.  (1st Kings 1:1-5)  During a transition, those with ambition often seek to take power or to control the one who is in power.  It is one of the strategies of Satan to bring division and confusion in a family, church, or nation.

After installing Solomon, David wisely made provision to help his son succeed.  David shared with Solomon that it was God’s will that he build the Lord’s house.  He was positive and encouraging and prayed for God’s wisdom and discretion that his son might keep the Law of God and enjoy God’s favor!  A father’s blessing and God’s blessing makes success possible! (1st Chronicles 22:11-13)

David assembled materials for the Temple.  He generously provided from his own treasury for God’s house!  He set a good example for his son and the nation of generosity and focus on God’s house. He knew that when God’s house was cared for, God would bless the people. (1st Chronicles 22:14-16)

Then David gathered the key leaders of Israel and encouraged them to support Solomon.  David cited the Lord’s victories and how God had given the people rest.  He encouraged the leaders to seek the Lord with all their heart and to begin building.  This transition would continue the vision of the Lord and further the accomplishment of God’s will.  (1st Chronicles 22:17-19)

God has a plan for transitions of leadership!  Prayer and provisions for these transitions will insure God’s work will continue smoothly when the time of transition is at hand.

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