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King Solomon

Scripture reading for April 24th: 2nd Chronicles 6-9

Today I want to discuss three things about King Solomon: his wealth, his wisdom, and his worldliness!  Two of these things seem to go together, but the third is out of place if you have the other two!  When we study the life of this son of David who was the wisest human ever to live (except for Jesus Christ), we are faced with something that is difficult to understand.  We must receive wisdom from the Lord and His word!

When God appeared to Solomon, giving him a blank check, Solomon asked for wisdom.   This pleased God and He made him the wisest man ever.  People from all over the world came to hear the wisdom of Solomon.  He could expound on many topics concerning plants and animals and the creation.  The Queen of  Sheba came to test Solomon with hard questions and Solomon answered all of them.  She was overwhelmed by what she heard and saw. (2nd Chronicles 9:1-6)

God added wealth to Solomon,  as well as honor.  He had gold from Ophir and precious stones.  The weight of gold Solomon received yearly in tribute was 666 talents.  That is equal to about 25 tons of gold!  (2nd Chronicles 9:13-14)  He made silver as common in Jerusalem as stone!  (2nd Chronicles 9:27a)  His wealth, as well as his wisdom, brought him fame and world attention! He had greater riches and wisdom than all the other kings of the earth!

But Solomon was also worldly!  As he got older, he strayed from following God wholeheartedly.  His many wives brought idolatry into his life and he pursued happiness under the sun!  (Ecclesiastes)  He set up idol temples for his wives, which angered the Lord. (1st Kings 11:1-9)  He disobeyed the Lord’s commands and did not heed God’s warnings.  He strayed from God and became entangled in idolatry and sin.

It is hard to understand how someone so wise and to whom had God appeared several times could not apply what he surely knew to his own life.  Sin has a way of blinding us and stealing our wisdom.  As we read these stories, we must realize that none of us is far from idolatry and sin.  We must lean daily on the Lord in a personal relationship.  We must listen carefully to His word and apply it first to our own lives.

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