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Gold, Girls, gods, Grief!

Scripture reading for April 6th: 1st Kings 9-11

Solomon’s life looked like a modern day success story!  He was blessed coming and going.  Everything he did seemed to turn to gold!  He was well-liked and sought after for his wisdom.  Gold flowed into his treasuries like water. (1st Kings 10:10,14)   Women were attracted to him and he married three hundred foreign wives and had 700 concubines.  (1st Kings 11:1-4)  He lived in a wonderful mansion and worshiped God in a gold-lined temple.  God Himself had appeared to him twice and spoken a warning to him about staying humble and obedient.  If he strayed, disaster would come. (1st Kings 9:3-9)

One would think that Solomon would continue on his path of serving God.  But wealth and fame and popularity have ways of testing us even more than poverty and lack.  The gold brought Solomon power and luxury and the ability to have whatever he desired.  The women fed his ego and his lust.  Beautiful women brought idolatry into Solomon’s life and he no longer served God whole-heartedly!  (1st Kings 11:4-6)  The Lord became angry with Solomon and raised up an adversary against him.  (1st Kings 11:14)  The wealth and fame and women did not bring the happiness that Solomon had envisioned.  Grief came instead because of God’s anger against the sin of idolatry!

This story has been repeated countless times over the years.  Men in ministry have fallen because of these same traps.  Men who started out right to serve God and do something great for Him ended up shipwrecked because of temptations of money, women, and along with those,  idolatry!  Grief has come to these men and their families as it did to King David and Solomon after him.  We must learn from the word of God what pleases the Lord and what angers Him!  Living by humble faith is always the best.

Check out your own heart and life today.  Has God prospered you and given you riches?  Be careful that you are not led astray!  Are you enticed by beautiful women or sexy men when you should be satisfied and in love with your spouse?  Is your heart fully sold out to the Lord?  Why not avoid the grief by repentance and renewed commitment!  Now is the time before the grief comes!

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