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Good Dirt

Scripture reading for October 9th: Matthew 12-15

We are people made from the dirt of the earth.  We have very humble beginnings, having originally been made from the clay of earth.  God formed and shaped us in His image and likeness.  (Genesis 2:7)  He breathed into the formed clay, and it became a living being!  This living being had a body, soul, and spirit.  He was capable of knowing God and conversing with Him.  He was given dominion over the earth and all the creatures, to care for them under God’s direction.  (Psalm 8: 6-8)

Man was also given a free will.  He could choose to follow God or go his own way.  We all know what happened in the Garden of Eden.  Man chose to follow Satan’s lie and lost his true life, dying spiritually and eventually physically.  His heart became hardened and sin brought weeds, the curse, and separation from God.  God’s love for man planned a way to bring man back to Him.

Jesus, God’s Son, came to call man back to God and re-introduce him to the Father.  Jesus taught in parables as a way to convey truth to those who would be open to learn.  He taught the Parable of the Sower as the first of His parables, teaching that it was a key to all parables.  (Matthew 13:10-16)  Those who hardened their hearts against God’s Truth, would not see or understand the basic truth Jesus was conveying.  Those who would hear would be given understanding and be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

In this first parable, Jesus told of four kinds of soil and a sower who sowed seed.  He taught them that the seed was the word of God and the sower was anyone who would declare God’s word.  The soils represented the types of  hearts of those who heard the word.  Some hearts were hard like stone. Some had shallow soil that only allowed the seed to sprout.   Others were weedy and choked out the word, making it unfruitful.  Still others had the good soil that would produce a crop!

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are to sow the word!  We are to faithfully declare the word and believe God for a mighty harvest!  The only soil we are responsible for is ours!  Are you “good ground”?  Humbly receive the word today and apply it to your life!

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