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Righteous Rulers

Scripture reading for March 29th: 2nd Samuel 8-10

“The righteousness of the blameless makes a straight way for them, but the wicked are brought down by their own wickedness.” (Proverbs 11:5)

Early in his reign as king, David was known for his righteousness and justice.  He was always about the Lord’s business and sought to honor the Lord in all he did.  He defeated many nations and took in much gold and silver as plunder from these people.  We read that David did differently than his predecessor, Saul.  David dedicated the plunder to the Lord.  (2nd Samuel 8:11-12)

David grew famous with all his victories but he sought to give honor to the Lord for these.  As he reigned over Israel, David did what was just and right for all the people of God.  When a ruler is humble and follows the Lord, God honors and favors that ruler.  Righteous rulers are a blessing to those they rule over and God makes their path straight!

David also sought to honor his covenant commitment to his departed friend Jonathan.  David asked if there was anyone whom he could show kindness to from the house of Saul.  Ziba, a servant of Saul’s house, told David of a crippled son of Jonathan named Mephibosheth.  David had him brought before him.  Mephibosheth was probably fearful of David and was helpless because of his infirmity.  David assured him that he was safe and that he would bless him according to the covenant that he swore with his father Jonathan.  David restored his property and gave him a place at his own table as one of his own family!  (2nd Samuel 9:3-11)

David’s righteous rulership is a type of one of his offspring who would take the throne forever!  Jesus Christ is the perfect righteous ruler!  He destroyed all of His father’s enemies.  He treats all people with righteousness and justice!  He looks for covenant brothers and sisters to bless and care for!  He takes them into His own family and feeds and cares for them!  Even though they are helpless and crippled, he values them and honors them!

Take time today to reflect on our Lord’s righteous rule in our lives.  We are His kingdom people and are so blessed to eat at His table!  It is His covenant mercy that blesses us every day!  Praise the Lord!

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