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Sunday Rest and Reflection:Conquered by God!

Dear Friends,

Greetings!  Our faith brings us to another day of rest in Jesus Christ!  He conquered our walled city of self and the walls fell outward.  His love entered and we were overcome!   Our “Joshua” advanced on us with the presence of God, in the Holy Spirit.  His army went ahead, trumpets blaring, banners flying and worshiping their way to victory, speaking to the walls with a mighty shout!  Each member of the army was armed with that powerful sword of His word and followed the Presence!  The old man was slain and the goods of the city devoted to God!  We were among the spoil, more precious than silver or gold, iron or bronze!

Like Rahab, we had prostituted ourselves but were drawn by members of God’s army to plead for mercy.  We trusted in the scarlet cord of Jesus’ blood to save us from destruction.  We gathered our loved ones in a blood-marked room.  We waited in faith and heard the shout.  The earth rumbled, walls fell, but we were kept safe.  We were brought out and joined to the people of God with great joy!  What a joy it is to be conquered by God!  What a celebration it is to march with the army of God and be armed with His Presence and holy Word!

Take time today to celebrate with God’s people (army) and arm yourself with a sharpened sword (Word)!  He is worthy of our faith and worship!

In His Love,  Pastor John

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