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Refining Trials

Scripture reading for May 27th: Job 22-24

Job is going through the trial of his life!  His friend Eliphaz again attacked his integrity and accused him of great wickedness and endless sins.  (Job 22:4-10)  He accused Job of mistreating the widow and orphan.  Those who are helpless are easy to take advantage of.  Throughout history, men have mistreated the weak.  Job was encouraged to submit to God and return to the Lord.  This would bring restoration and forgiveness to him.  (Job 22:21-25)

Job’s dilemma was one of not knowing how to contact God.  He wanted to state his case before God but could not find Him.  (Job 23:8)  He felt God’s heavy hand on him, but still felt the desire to find God’s dwelling and state his case.  He maintained his innocence and knew that God would vindicate him in the end.  “But He knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)

During the entire trial, Job had sought to keep what he understood of God’s word and to follow God by faith.  He listened to God and sought to obey.  He did not understand why these trials kept coming but knew that God was behind them.  He had a fear of God because he did understand how great He is.  (Job 23:11-16)

Trials have a way of purifying us.  They strip away our excuses and make us face truth.  When everything is going well, we don’t think about standing before God and giving an account.  When we are faced with death and start to realize that there is a God who knows everything and has the power to punish us, we think more critically.  In Job’s case, everything he owned was stripped away as well as his ability to care for himself.  He faced the very real possibility of death and the grave.  His friends tried to help him, and actually tore away at all possible reasons for Job going into this trial.

Job still held to his innocence and trusted that God alone could help him understand what was behind his trial.  God alone could judge him and Job longed for God to set a time for judgment.  (Job 24:1)  According to God, He has set a day when He will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ.  (Acts 17:31) Those found in Him will be declared innocent!  Our redeemer lives!

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