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Sunday rest and reflection: the glory of God

Dear Friends,

Another needed day of rest, worship, fellowship and refreshing!  I am ready for a great day of resting in Christ and allowing His peace and presence to come into clearer focus in my life.  Life is busy and I often find myself going from one meeting to another and one appointment to another without a break.  Something is always needing attention or fixing.  On the day of rest, I need fixing by enjoying the glory of His presence!

In reflecting on this past weeks reading in Ezekiel, I am impressed by Ezekiel’s visions of the glory of God.  Ezekiel saw things in heaven around the throne of God’s glory that he had trouble describing in earthly language or word pictures.  How does a finite creature describe an infinite being?  The glory of God was life-changing for Ezekiel.  He was encouraged and motivated to speak God’s message and obey even difficult assignments that would be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

The saddest part of this past week’s reading was the part where God’s glory reluctantly left the Temple and city that God loved.  God tried over and over to make a place for His glory in the midst of His people.  They refused to honor Him and worship Him in Spirit and truth.  He withdrew His glory to show them what darkness was in them.  It was truly a dark time in the history of God’s people.

I am thankful that God’s glory now resides in His church among His people.  He has filled His church with His glory.  The day of Pentecost brought a rushing wind and tongues of fire bringing glory back to His living stones in the New Temple.  We are now being transformed by the glory of God living in our midst personally and corporately.  We have new revelations of that glory daily as we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit fills us with power to share His glory with others!  Sunday morning worship explodes with God’s glory descending into the midst of His worshiping church!  Would that we do everything we can to welcome the God of glory today!  We never want to see Him take His glory and depart!  In His Love and Glory,  Pastor John

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