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The blessed man!

Scripture reading for June 3: Psalms 1-6

The Book of Psalms was the hymnbook of the Hebrew people and was used in worship and prayer.  The word “psalm” denotes a “song sung to the accompaniment of a plucked instrument.”  These psalms had at least seven different authors and were written over nearly a thousand years, from the time of Moses to the return from exile in Babylon.  David was one of the primary authors of the psalms, and many reflect his own prayers, worship, fears, and desires as he experienced life in all it’s emotional ups and downs! 

The first psalm was about a man who is blessed by God.  The blessed person doesn’t walk in the counsel of the wicked.  He also doesn’t stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.  How does the blessed man know what wickedness is? Who is a sinner and what is a mocker? This man knows because he delights in the law of the Lord!  He meditated on that law day and night.  From that law he clearly understood good and evil, righteousness and wickedness. 

The blessed man was described as a tree planted by streams of water.  This tree was always bearing fruit and leafy and green because it’s roots were well-supplied with moisture and nutrients.  Even when it was dry and hot, water from underground brought productivity.  God abundantly supplied this man because of the Word he meditated on.  What an encouraging picture to begin worship with!

This blessed man was contrasted with the wicked man.  The wicked man was pictured as the chaff off of the wheat, that the wind blows away.  It was only good for burning.  Just like the chaff that was separated from the wheat by the wind, so the sinner and wicked man will not stand in the time of God’s judgment!  They will be separated from the assembly of the righteous and blessed!  God watches over the righteous to protect and reward them.  God will also make sure the wicked perish.

How does this psalm point us to Jesus Christ? In what way or ways does this psalm help you in worship and joyful living? What doctrines are being taught in this first worship psalm? Does worship have a place in teaching doctrine?

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