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Sunday Rest and Reflection–People of Zion!

Dear “People of Zion”,

As I look back on the week’s reading in Isaiah, God’s great understanding of individuals and nations and His control of history amazes me!  God is on a throne, high and lifted up!  He is worthy of worship and adoration!  He has plans that He has brought to pass and others that await fulfillment.  He raises up nations and leaders and brings them down just as easily.  He is just and righteous in all He does and is always merciful to those who trust in Him and walk by faith.

Those who trust in Him are often call by the name: “People of Zion”.  (Isaiah 12:6)  Mt. Zion was the city stronghold of the Jebusites that was captured by King David.  It became the “city of David”.  It was here that God had  His Temple built by Solomon and had His dwelling place among the Israelites in the promised land.  Zion was a place that the Lord loved.  (Psalm 78:68)  It is the city chosen by God to install His King!  (Psalm 2:6)   The Lord’s blessing flows out of Zion to His people.  (Psalm 128:5)  God is laying a cornerstone in Zion that will be precious for His people!  (Isaiah 28:16)  It is a place that is loved by those who love the Lord!  He is there and His presence makes that place more special than any other on earth!

In Isaiah 12, God is telling His people that they will be comforted from all their troubles and afflictions one day.  They can trust in God and not be afraid.  He is their strength and song, and has become their salvation. (Isaiah 12:2-3)  With joy they will draw water from the wells of salvation in Zion.  From Zion, they will make known what The Lord has done to save them.  They will exalt His name among the nations.  God’s program has always been world-wide in scope.  They can sing and shout for joy because of God in their midst.

Wow!  We are now people of Zion too!  We can publish to the nations that our God saves.  He is our strength and song.  We have drunk the water from the well that never runs dry.  God has done glorious things for us!  He is great among the “people of Zion” because He lives in us today and forever!

Take time to reflect on Isaiah 12 and this city of Zion. What a way to find rest and confidence in our great God and the Cornerstone He has laid for us in Zion!  (Isaiah 28:16)

In His Love, Pastor John

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